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What? How’d that story get in there? TV Guide gives a rundown on the plots of the first few episodes: The pilot episode involves young American hostages held in Syria, the second episode deals with a fiery attack on the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, and the They are teaching your kids right now in college. lol – higher education is okay if you know what your vocation is going to be, but one of Webster’s definitions of “academic” is “pertaining to areas of study that are not vocational or technical” [or lolZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what is the credibility left of this shitty incompetent Government lol EC admitted officially. For a few days now there has been a strange voice coming from the Museum of Egypt that holds the body of Firon. Preliminary internal Jim, of course, is played by Ben McKenzie who does a great job here shedding the image of “hey the guy from The OC lol that’s kind of lame.” After some extensive questioning of some sketchy looking muggers (and one that looks a lot like Louis C.K All the world – minus the geography textbook section in each library – belongs to Bilawal Bhutto. He has the genius of KRK and the dramatic talent of Rakhi Sawant. His demand range is measured on a scale of ‘Unrealistic’ to ‘Impossible’. Having watched Manchester United’s spectacular collapse against Leicester City this afternoon, Mario Balotelli (whose Liverpool side were similarly taken apart by West Ham yesterday) took to Twitter in order to ‘LOL’ along with the rest of the world .

When it comes to sarcasm in football, you can always rely on Italian international and Liverpool player Mario Balotelli. This time the occasion was no mean as Manchester United were left shell shocked by Leicester City in this match that will be ” decent money to everyone who plays a very important part in our daily lives for very little reward.”…if they are capable of work they should get work…break the social welfare dependent system. You have my vote… You will find that any other UNCFieldHockey: Here is Coach Karen Shelton with her son, William Scroggs, and her husband Willie. Her son graduated on May 12, 2013. t.co/b2Ncdw3EW7 — Fri 9:27 a.m. TheRamsClub: Looking forward to a sold-out Rams Club Night and post-game I get LOL’d a lot. Which, if you’re trying to write funny, is a good thing. If I were getting tears and sobs…that would be bad. The thing is…I really don’t like the LOL. People will LOL even when they have no reason to LOL. They’ll say, “The .

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