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The internet is positively amazeballs. But the unedited, character-limited way we communicate on the web and mobile is often blamed for ruining the purity of language, English or otherwise. What hope is there for future literary greats when wacky internet The Modi Cabinet Expansion has been on all our minds for a while now, and we wonder why. After all, it’s not like the actual ministers being inducted are all celebrities, or anything. If only we had a cabinet in an area where everyone was a celebrity. A medical acronym, SHPOS, helps a doctor summarize a patient’s history in just five letters. But unlike emotionally neutral acronyms doctors use, such as lol—little old lady—SHPOS is a derogatory term that describes a hospitalized patient who is felt This little guy has been trained early. Check out his response to hearing the word “touchdown.” Perhaps he is a little quarterback in training…?…! We all know that football fans take the game very seriously. Sundays are reserved for watching lol! At least she’s got a sense of humor about the whole thing! But, really, if this quote from Anna’s interview is any sign, it means we should get more celebrities drunk during interviews! We love it!! lolz. Boyfriends come and go, but Cheetos are forever! Katy Perry Instagrammed a (very recent) #ThrowbackThursday video from Halloween, “when I was a sad cheeto that no one wanted to cuddle at the end of the night.” In the video, the still-in-costume (the Flamin .

We’ve all heard at one time or another that laughter is the best medicine or other sayings along those lines, but the Philadelphia Comedy Collective really takes it to heart every November. Putting the Philadelphia Improv Festival and Philly Sketchfest Jonathon Horne isn’t short on enthusiasm. Ask him about how he’s bringing curriculum in Ector County ISD schools full circle with his on-stage productions at Permian Playhouse, and the fervor is evident. Or chew his ear on the intricacies of Every once in a while, we fail. Even when we’ve tried our absolute best, things don’t always work out in our favor. Maybe you put in long hours to win a pitch, poured all of your energy into appeasing a bitchy client or spent the last ten weekends Ball tweeted: ‘Cheers @BBCSport think the name BALLSACK is going to haunt me for the rest of my days lol’ It seems the Scarlets man is taking it in his stride after the BBC made the error before Wales’ loss to Australia on Saturday. A BBC Spokeswoman said .

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