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Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week. Rocket Raccoon certainly wasn’t an overnight success, but the character’s soaring popularity caught some off-guard — from his big-screen appeal in Guardians of the Galaxy to his new comic series topping the sales chart last month with more than Mumbai: This video of animals in their funny self is both funny and cute. No, it is not some regular video of just cats and dogs but a whole lot of other animals you may be fond of. Have you seen a dog doing samba, a cat trying to take a dog out for a walk Contributing Editor Dr. Jordan Schaul and legendary animal activists—the Barbi Twins—interview funny lady Elayne Boosler about her more serious interest in animal rescue. Elayne Boosler initially began rescue work with Boxer Rescue of Los Angeles in Drawn & Quarterly are in the midst of release quite a few diverse graphic novels, all so different, in fact, that they remind us of how vast and all-encompassing the range of comic genres really are. One of the strangest is, by far, Benson’s Cuckoos by It’s a canine extravaganza in our series launch of must-see funny animal videos. We lead with a cute confrontation between Waffles the Corgi and a crab on the beach. Our second must-see video features Daisy the dog, who was left paralyzed after being hit .

Humans are hilarious – the way they’re made, the way they behave, the way they don’t behave. To realize how funny we are, try seeing your face from an alien’s point of view – only one head? A squashy nose with two holes in? Believe me, they are clutching Shankly the cat gained fame after he walked across the pitch at a Liverpool vs Spurs game The World Cup has been a bit of a disappointment so far in a sense that there haven’t been any funny animal pitch invasions. We’re hoping for a Toucan at the final. Twitter now has more than 500 million users, and among those millions of people tweeting about politics, “Breaking Bad” and the latest Apple gadget, there are some hilarious tweeters of the animal variety. From existential cats to escape-artist snakes .

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