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Come in, Mary!” It was funny because she was calling her dog, not one of her children. Back then, dogs had names like Spot and Buffy and cats had names like Fluffy and Precious. Dogs generally did not have “people”names, though they sometimes had royal Every dog has his day, and apparently, that includes dog puppets, too. This stuffed canine scares real dogs in the funny clip above, protecting his bone. Watch the hilarious video, and share it with anyone needing a good laugh. There are plenty of funny videos on YouTube but the ones that get us spitting our tea all over our monitors and give us the best giggles are animal-themed affairs. Man’s best friend doubles as a clown on notable occasions, many of which this selection of Not only does Chris Meloni have the “Best Ass in Primetime,” but he also has an attention-grabbing crotchwell, at least to the dog. We’re guessing Meloni got up and fed his furry friend, because there were no subsequent reports claiming he’d lost his A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Hamilton, gets really excited when it’s time to build a fire. He does his “fire dance” at the door in excitement. Hamilton loves to be outside and sit by the fire pit. This dog has better dance moves than your dog.. Jillian Denning is a writer, blogger, and teen soap specialist. Her go-to karaoke song is “Heartbreaker” by Mariah Carey. Follow her on her blog at Jillian Lorraine. and on Twitter @jillianlo. We’re not going to try to sugarcoat what this is. .

And thanks to her Belfast family who have captured their cherished pet’s funny movements in a series which has gone viral with almost 3.5m YouTube hits. The video shows Loca dancing around in fields with her dog siblings, all of whom can run perfectly Sam and Lara share a funny video of a cat that just won’t leave a dog alone. A dog in China has learned a curious habit since a trip to the grooming parlour – walking on its back legs. A dog in China has learned a curious habit since a trip to the grooming parlour – walking on its back legs. According to its owner the hairy hound .

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