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Cat lovers flock to Los Angeles The best funny internet cat videos are honored at LA’s Feline Film Festival. Video provided by AFP Check out this story on Taylor Swift, our favorite celebrity cat lady, has posted this amazing Instagram video of her cat Meredith. Meredith, we learn, “having a very serious day,” says Swift. “So much so, she feels she needs to sit in a person chair, upright like a person Every day, HLN brings you the best, most awe-inspiring or funny videos we can find in our archives Today’s video comes from 2012, when one pet shelter let anyone around the world play with up-for-adoption cats Editor’s note: For Today’s Throwback 4. At least the barbecue was turned off. 5. I just wanted a drink. 6. There wasn’t even a fish in the bowl. 7. They just wanted a soda. 8. Boxes are the mortal enemies of fat cats. 9. Attack of the Cat hugging hose. 10. Slinky’s are for stairs you We’ve noticed that when people put pets and cameras together, they often wind up with some pretty funny photos. Pet antics, whether the result of training or just plain innate animal talent, sometimes have to be seen to be believed. Pictures of the cat (funny catS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this cat join in on a fun game of mini golf. The kitty attempts to bat away any ball that comes within a foot of the cup, and it looks like no one is able to make it past this furry trap. — Global Animal .

Meredith Swift is having a serious day. A link to this page will be included in your message. What We Pay: Technical College salaries What We Pay: University of Wisconsin System salaries What We Pay: County salaries Save 50% – Get 2 months for the price of These two cats have owners that have way too much time on their hands but it’s really hilarious! I imagine these two are best friends as the narrators have perfectly timed their actions with some ridiculous dialogue. Have a watch and try not to laugh Cat Disagreement would have been a more honest title Change is inevitable, and the film is not a pessimistic one. It even manages to be funny. “Will my hair look like it’s been eaten by a rat?” asks Peyangki, as the monk hacks at it with what Cashing in on this, this exclusive cat channel has everything from documentaries on big cats to the funniest programmes featuring house cats. The channel has shows like Putting Up With Humans, a show featuring cats making an appearance in quirky costumes .

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